This recipe came from the necessity to eat more healthily, which is easier said than done! But one step towards having a better diet is having more greens!


It’s dairy free which is useful if dairy doesn’t agree with you. The white cream is in fact reduced coconut milk. However, you can get a bit of extra flavour (and calories) if cream is used as the white sauce


I also wanted to have more seafood, although with a few tweaks, this recipe could work out well for a vegetarian, just replace the seasoning with your preferred vegetarian alternatives. Shito as an African chilli paste made from shrimp and fish, and fish sauce is a sea flavoured alternative to soya sauce. If you are using fish, I would strongly suggest you use some smoked fish for the extra flavour, but smoked fish can work too. I used fresh salmon with smoked cod and haddock. I’ve also recommended the use of a food processor and hand blender to help make the soup nice and smooth.


So are you ready!? Here we go!



Large bowls and a colander for the vegetables


1 roasting dish

Oven and hob

1 Large saucepan/pot to cook the soup in

1 small sauce pan for cream sauce

Food processor

Electric hand blender.

Chopping board and kitchen knives

Spoons for measuring seasoning



300g Fresh kale

300g Fresh spinach

1 Large brocolli

300g  Filleted fish pieces (preferably smoked)

400ml/1 can Coconut Milk

1 Leak

1 parsnip

2 Cloves of garlic

20g Fresh ginger

1 tablespoon of oil

500ml of water (you may not need it all)

1-3 teaspoons of Shito (to taste)

4-6 tablespoons of Fish sauce (to taste)

Black pepper (to taste)

2 teaspoons of cornflour



  1. Pre heat the oven to 200°C (fan). Boil the kettle. Then thoroughly wash your vegetables


  1. The water should hopefully have boiled by now, so put the kale in your large bowl with the boiled water and leave to soak for 10mins

Kale soaking


  1. As the kale soaks, chop up the leak, parsnip garlic and ginger as small as you can, then leave them to one side so you can cook them later.


  1. Now that the oven is hot, put the fish in to the roasting dish and add half the coconut milk. Make sure the fish is covered by the coconut milk as much as possible. Place in the oven for 10mins.

Fish in coconut milk


  1. Drain the kale and start to blend it up with the raw broccoli and spinach. You may have to do this in batches, if so put the rest of it in the bowl.

BLended greens

  1. Your fish should hopefully be cooked now. Save the coconut milk, but just taking the fish off. You will need the coconut milk for the next step


  1. Put your large pot on the stove and heat up the oil. You will be broiling the chopped vegetables, so keep the pan hot. Once read, add all your chopped vegetables, the coconut milk and about half of the water. Stir continuously for about 10mins, or until the water has evaporateed. We want the parsnips to soften and be crushable with the spoon. If not, add more water. Turn off the hob and blend the contents until smooth.

Broiling vegetables


Parsnip mash

…and after.


  1. Turn the fire back on under your parsnip mash and add your pureed greens. Don’t put the bowl away just yet as you want to see shade of green the vegetables used to be before you put them on the fire. Keep the heat moderate and stir occasionally. If he heat is too high it will start spitting at you and you don’t want that do you? Add your seasoning, adding more if necessary. Once the colour becomes a slightly lighter shade of green, which is often after about 10mins, the soup will be ready, so turn off the hob. Overcooking it will kill too much of the natural nutrients.

Finished soup


  1. For the final 5 mins, add the rest of the coconut milk and cornflour to your small sauce pan and heat through whilst stirring continuously.

Coconut sauce



I garnished mine with some wilted spinach and steamed samphire and had it with some garlic bread.




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