Matt Damon. You’re awesome.

The Martian is probably the best film I’ve seen this year. 

After enjoying a gorgeous seafood feast courtesy of Smith’s, I had the pleasure of seeing the incredibly well told story of survival on a desolate planet. But it wasn’t a survival horror, and it wasn’t steeped in outlandish sci-fi nonsense. It was very realistic considering we are still several generations away from a Mission to Mars. Unless your thinking of this crappy movie Mission to Mars, where we are never ready for a film that was as ludicrous as that one.

Anyway, the plot is a simple one, botanist and engineer Mark Watney (Damon) is on a mission with a number of other astronauts playing with Martian flavoured dirt. Things quickly turn sour however when a storm hits their location. Watney suggests to the team that they just wait out the storm, especially since they were having so much fun playing with dirt millions of miles away from home. After a clear order from the mission’s Commander (played by Jessica Chastain who was also in Interstellar as the daughter of a world famous astronaut which confused the hell out of me), the team plan to flee for their lives. Watney of course gets “fatally injured” and is left behind.

But no! He’s alive!

What ensues is a wonderful bit of acting by Damon who convincingly conveys the many emotions one would likely go through when they are the only living thing on a planet. We see him go through highs and lows as he tries to not just feed himself using his own bodily waste but also communicate with NASA by way of a spinning camera

The film is tense, emotional, and fun with a sweet CGI to boot.

The film was so good, I’m tempted to go an watch it again


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