Digital Health & Tech Consultancy

Dr-Hyphen works with clients to develop the very best digital health and tech solutions. 

The world population is now reaching 7.5 Billion people who all deserve to live happy and healthy lives. Advances in technology will allow the world to better serve the health needs of all its inhabitants.

Healthcare is also a very lucrative industry. Digital health is worth approximately $300 Billion USD in 2017, and will only increase. But with so many companies working in this industry, it is vital that products and services are not just great, but stand apart from the rest.

All services are led and delivered by Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS, one of the world’s leading Clinical UX Specialists, who has a combined 6yrs of clinical and UX experience.


We are great at what we do for many reasons, but we are most proud of the following 3:

We give clinical advice

Having a solid understanding of clinical proceses and workflows allows the right problems be solved with the right solutions that people will use. 

We have a stellar repuation

With a clinical work history and experience with digital health solutions, clinicians and healthcare providers trust us to get the job done.


We can talk medical jargon

Clinicians are happy to talk to us about their problems as they know we understand what they go through and don’t need a translation

Some companies we have experience with

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