Need a formal UX review? Does your conference need a speaker on Clinical UX and Digital Health? Branding and a website required for your new business?

We can provide all this and much, much more.

Our services improve the digital health ecosystem around the world

We have a diverse set of skills and almost 10 years of experience working in healthcare, UX and digital health. Below are a list of our services.

Clinical UX and Design

We specialise in optimising the way people use technology in clinical settings and healthcare in general. Clinical UX services include user research, process mapping and prototyping.

Digital Health and Tech

With over a decade of experience in medical education, clinical practice and healthcare technology, we can support you in developing the very best digital health and tech solutions.

Web and Brand Design

We work with our clients to define their brand identity, and ensure their website is the best representation of their business. This includes eCommerce and event websites.

Training and Development

We provide training sessions on a variety of topics including UX, prototyping and research methods. Training can be provided at offices, conferences or remotely online.

We work with clients on a variety of projects in digital health, supporting them to

Save time

We solve the right problems with the right solutions through thorough research and testing

Save money

We discover and create solutions that don’t need expensive design or development changes

Achieve success

We deliver solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs; our clients, end users and all other stakeholders

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