Clinical UX Design

We specialise in optimising UX in clinical settings and healthcare in general. Clinical UX services include user research, process mapping and prototyping.

Services for healthcare clients across the globe

It is vital for all those providing or using healthcare technology or services to have the best experience possible. Literally people’s lives are on the line after all. Thus a strong understanding of the needs, wants and limitations of everyone involved and then satisfying them as best as possible.

As clinicians, we use a similar process to treating patients as we do software development and UX projects. We work with clients to create Electronic Record systems in primary, secondary and tertiary care. We also design remote monitoring and digital therapeutic solutions.

Specific skills and expertise include

Stakeholder Engagement

As clinicians, we understand healthcare and the stresses and strains fellow clinicians go through at work. But we are also patients, and understand what the general public face regarding healthcare. With this knowledge and experience, we know how to best engage stakeholders on all projects, to win their support as we conduct user research and develop meaningful solutions to their problems.

User Research

Without insight from real users, products will fail to fully appeal to and satisfy the needs of users. This is why we consider research a mandatory step in any project to find out what users do now and what features of the design will make things even easier for them. We do this by going through existing research, or conducting new research such as interviews, focus groups and observational studies.

Iterative Design

One’s very first idea to solve a complex UX project, no matter how much we love it, is rarely the best idea. We first use findings from user research and input from the development team to shape initial ideas. Then we explore dozens of alternatives using a variety of techniques to ensure that the final design supports the needs of the target users. Sketches later become wireframes and prototypes

Wireframing and Prototyping

The use of wireframes and prototypes helps various stakeholders and colleagues visualise designs. This makes conversations about designs much easier. Our team has advanced Axure RP prototypists meaning we can create high fidelity simulations of concepts or existing digital products which are great for usability testing or meetings with stakeholders.


Usability Testing

As a means to learn from work completed thus far, or to discover issues that may be overlooked, testing is a vital component of any project successful. We can test designs using high fidelity prototypes, or completed pieces of code. Based on the data we collect from testing, we can provide recommendations to the development team.


Heuristic and Expert Reviews

Once a project has been completed, it is important to confirm that the project has fulfilled the brief and satisfied the needs of all users. This can be done through heuristic and expert reviews. These are specialist reviews where the design and effectiveness of the solution is evaluated. The subsequent analysis can be used to direct further development of the product.

Our team has worked with clients around the world, including

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