So I’ve been doing some “light reading” lately, and one of the books that has taught me a lot is Web Form Design by Luke Wroblewsk. It’s about 7yrs old, which in IT means near enough a lifetime. But nothing in this book is dated. It’s still so relevant to design standards today and is indeed a must have book for anyone new to the big bad world of UX like me.

Web Form Design by Like Wroblewsk

Web Form Design by Like Wroblewsk

There is so much science behind how we as humans interact with forms. Yet it isn’t much of a surprise that a bit of common sense will make you understand the science. For example, the vast majority of computer users who speak English as a first language will expect forms to be processed from left to right, and then top to bottom.

What I like most about designing forms is the fact that you actually have many options, therefore there is so much freedom to present the best way for a user to answer the questions and get to the precious submit button.

There are so many things to consider; fonts, the colour of text, the colour of backgrounds, etc. If you are using a mobile device, you can even consider gestures that make the form more fun. Which is so important since filling in forms is normally a right bore!


Next on my list, The Design of Everyday Things.

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