It’s election time at Guy’s & St Thomas’ and I’ve taken the plunge by running for Non-Clinical Governor. 

I never thought that I could apply, but after a very insightful conversation with Bryn Williams and Dr David Treacher (current Staff Governors) back in late 2014, and my eyes were opened. I became very interested in how I can help make Guy’s & St Thomas’ the best it can be, even from my position as a new Junior Clinical Analyst.

Several months later I went to a Council of Governors meeting where I learnt more about the current Governors, and the issues they face.

So after doing some more research, through further conversations and googling, I decided to nominate myself.

As my nomination statement explains, I feel I am in a position to represent the opinions of several different groups because of my background in health care and the voluntary sector and my new experiences with IT.

We have some very ambitious IT plans at Guy’s& St Thomas’ which will take a great deal of effort and time to make them a reality. Only as a team will we be able to do this. Through discussions with peers and seniors, it has been made clear that we can do more to work as a team so that our IT projects start and finish smoothly and efficiently. Therefore I am keen to form a group made up of clinical,managerial and IT staff who work along side our current staff to make our IT dreams a reality.

There is also a demand from the younger generation, including those from our medical school who want work experience and apprenticeship opportunities. We do an exceptional and commendable job of this already as a trust, but demand is exceed our ability to supply opportunities, therefore we need to try and do more.

Hopefully if I am successful, I will be able to help the Council of Governors and Board of Directors continue to provide a world class quality service.

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