Look at my desk!

Look at my desk!

It’s a Monday morning, the sun is shining, and the fan on my temporary desktop computer is not growling any more. I’m sitting at my desk in our London Bridge offices where I’ve been employed on a 12 month contract as the Enterprise and Technology Fellow for the Health Innovation Network. I’ll be working on a number of healthcare IT projects lending my clinical knowledge and user centred design skills.


Although my manager wasn’t present during my first two days at the end of last week, we set some time aside the week previously. We discussed what I was likely to expect from the role and what I should get up tofor the few weeks, such as sorting out a laptop to use, and getting to know more about what the team is working on so I can then get involved myself. It’s a very friendly environment to be in. The office is open plan, but spacious and clean. We are on the ground floor next to tourist attractions, so I most often see people’s heads going past nearby windows, but it’s nice seeing the river on my way in to work. There is a lot of opportunity to learn and give back to my new team. Super excited!

That's my name!

That’s my name!

There are Darzi Fellows here as well, clinical staff who too are focusing their time on something a little different to treating patients on the wards. They work on improving health outcomes in four strategic areas; alcohol, diabetes, dementia and musculoskeletal disease. My team provide informatics support to those areas primarily through the use of data visualisation software Tableau. It’s a really powerful tool, and I am enjoying learning how to use it.

You can have a look at my first Tableau by clicking the link below.

There is a lot of opportunity to learn and grow at the HIN. We have a broad objective and being a creative thinker is encouraged. As an organisation, I can already see that we don’t just talk about making change in South London and beyond, but we already have achieved some impressive goals and will continue to do so.

Now back to work for me! I have a lot of reading to do to help my team and the HIN on the whole look at the at the health priorities of the 12 boroughs in South London and publishing our accomplishments thus far.

Ciao for now!

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