I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicholas Tenhue from the UX Blog. We talk about my role as a Clinical UX Designer as well as some of my other exploits. Head over the blog post here to find out more where you can download the blog.

You can also listen by clicking the play button below.

UX-Blog The Wonderful World of Clinical UX


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Designing Digital Health & Tech the Human Centred Way

Digital health & tech is big business. In 2017, the global digital health and tech market is valued at $135.9 billion USD1, of which $24 billion USD is for the mobile health market alone1. Secretary of Health, Jeremy Hunt announced in early 2016 that £4.2 billion...

Jeremy Hunt Isn’t The Reason I Left Medicine

Doctors leave medicine for many different reasons: They don’t feel valued at work. The work isn’t interesting. They don’t feel good enough. They don’t like the work environment and working conditions. They can’t be themselves. Nowhere on that list will you find the...

It’s ok to leave medicine

Many doctors I speak to, either as clients for my coaching services, attendees at conferences I speak at, or even close friends, feel that leaving medicine is a terrible thing. Often, they feel guilty for even thinking about hanging up their stethoscope. I used to...

Money Alone Won’t Improve NHS’s Digital Infrastructure

The UK Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has announced that the NHS will be getting over £4Billion to improve IT with the hopes that clinical staff will gain valuable time to spend with patients instead of with paperwork. This sounds really positive doesn’t it?...

I just read… Web Form Design

So I've been doing some "light reading" lately, and one of the books that has taught me a lot is Web Form Design by Luke Wroblewsk. It's about 7yrs old, which in IT means near enough a lifetime. But nothing in this book is dated. It's still so relevant to design...



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